It has come to our attention that not only was RADD “designated drivers” severely misrepresenting the “designated driver” industry now Discreet “designated drivers” is following in RADD (out of business) footsteps. These companies are the black market gypsy taxi cabs of the “designated driver” industry. No standards no structure just simply out to make a quick buck at the public’s expense. These fly by nights follow no standards and misrepresent themselves as more established recognized companies. Discreet use AdWords in google claiming to be Keys Please, Sober Girls, Sober Drivers and many other licensed trademarked “designated driver” companies. These companies have sent Discreet a cease and desist to stop misrepresenting themselves as licensed established businesses. In the “designated driver” industry we work hard to build a name brand the public can trust to become established in the community. A company that has no terms of use, no rate cost estimator, and absolutely no web presence cannot take credit for another companies work and if in doing so they have set themselves up for a class action law suit. Most “designated drivers” advertise the company they work for and show pride in that however it’s not the case with discreet “designated driver” company because they know they are not licensed. A misrepresentation can cause up to a hundred thousand in damages in legal costs for a company licensed or not like Discreet because judges look to this as a very dishonest and dirty business move. The proof is in the pudding and without the government regulating “designated drivers” most of the pudding is served rotten and may kill you. We support a handful of honest established “designated driver” services and have advertised them and sent those companies our overflow calls. The established companies have a few things in common besides building a trusted name brand we want customers to be billed fairly and have a safe driver. The licensed companies value honesty and highly disregard thievery and misrepresentation. We urge the public to not click on any AdWords “designated driver” companies and check with the BC business registry and city hall to insure you are not trusting your life to just anyone.

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