Every approaching New Year’s Eve we blog about safe choices for transportation because we want every individual who reads the blog to stop and think before having that drink. We are not a regular means of transportation such as a taxi or limousine company and we do not pass ourselves off as chauffeurs or a ride share. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” does not compete with those who hold commercial insurance to operate with class 4 drivers because we do not operate for commercial purposes. Some companies are currently trying to cheat the system with round trips being offered in your vehicle we urge you to call ICBC yourself as your insurance policy on you vehicle will not cover that service. Uber and Lyft is not approved in BC and ICBC will not cover round trip loophole services.
There is only one way to insure your protection while someone for hire is driving your vehicle such as “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” and this is to only hire designated driver services only and only for the purpose of A to B service. The transportation minister has been watching fly by night operations and those looking for an Uber loophole and the fines that individuals could face may cost thousands. If you are a driver make sure the service you work for is only offering A to B service because you could be on the hook and it may change your life forever. Head injuries are the leading cause of personal legal when people obtain head injuries from vehicle accidents judges do not take it lightly. We want to insure people make good choices on New Year’s Eve so therefore if you have not yet hired a designated driver service to get you and your vehicle home considering pooling in for a car service as many limousine companies have town cars for rental by hourly. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” also has a split fare option on square reader which allows you to share the cost of your “safe ride home”
We encourage you to call for a taxi service at least one hour before you are ready to leave and be patient a taxi service will show up to every dispatch as they come in order. If you are going to cancel your taxi service or you make other arrangements call and let the taxi service know so they can move on and are not driving around aimlessly.
Limo companies can also help so let’s not forget about them because they are not that costly when you split the fare. We recommend Royal Limo Vancouver at 604-727-0950. The company offers many types of package deals to suit all your needs. The one thing it guarantees is that you will not find a better price to travel anywhere else and at “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we like it when you get a great price.
Lastly remember “drinking alcohol on a party bus, limo, SUV or any other vehicle continues to be illegal and police will continue to enforce this law so we urge you to not do anything that may jeopardize your “safe ride home” We also want to urge that every transportation alternative is under fire with the “consultative review process” which the provincial government has launched into ride sharing services. We want to stress “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” is not an Uber loophole we are not doing round trips or running errands for our customers and we have no interest in using our customer’s vehicles for business purposes. Most designated driver services would agree that the service is a lifeline service to get you in your own vehicle home and a licensed and established DD company will only operate their “safe ride home” service in an A to B option.

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