I want to talk about the  business Card war at the front counter at establishments and this is a war between Designated Drivers in Vancouver. I want to say firstly that any establishment selling liquor needs to be aware they hold all the  legal accountability for what they advertise and what services they refer in their establishment. My advice to establishments is ask to see the ___________Designated Driver Company business license; as of now Designated Drivers do not require inter municipal licensing however them being licensed means the business has a physical address and Owners/Operators. A reputable Designated Driving Company should have the max available liability on any company car operating more than 6 calendar days a month and that would be 5 million full coverage and it must be business use coverage. Buyer Beware for customers I say be careful when ordering a designated driver make sure you ask about how they obtain driving records and how often they pull their drivers records mostly how often.Back to the business card war at the front counter the reason why I bring it up is because businesses that have purchased licensing and who make sure cars are properly insured and drivers are insured on their license through ICBC and act as a professional business should not have to fight for advertising space in a licensed establishment being licensed to. I say this is not rocket science and if Jesus walks in wanting to drive people home and if he can not produce a valid business license then he shall not be allowed to put any cards in the establishment. The problems arise with the card war when joe blow wanting to be a designated driver and he goes on to business card print service and orders business cards online and calls himself a business.  It turns out Joe Blow is also buddy chum with industry bar staff so bar staff call him for when a customer needs a Designated Driver in Vancouver and not even knowing they are seriously jeopardizing the businesses liquor licensing and image but most sadly the safety of their patrons. Sober Girls Designated Drivers’ work tirelessly calling bar staff and bar owners trying to make them understand how legitimate we are; we really have raised the bar on what a Designated Driving Company in Vancouver should operate like.

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