If you are a regular user of ‘designated drivers” you may use the “safe ride” and pay almost the same amount every time but do not expect an industry standard in pricing this time of year. Some “Sober Drivers” are trying to cash in big time with prices so high you may just consider hiring a limousine. We had done away with peak season pricing two years ago due to feedback from the public- they felt ripped off by the price inflation some customers calling it a corporate and unfriendly move.  This year we have done our research and some companies are demanding a $50 minimum base fee and up to $3.50 a kilometer and others are tacking 5 kilometers on to what can be up to an $80 minimum which is way off of industry pricing standards and in fact is a violation of the consumer protection act. Consumer Protection BC is a topic we blog about a lot especially in regards to the tag of kilometers on the base fee for “Designated Drivers” it’s totally 100% not with in the Consumer Protection Act and that information is obtainable by calling Consumer Protection yourself to find out or reading the entire act. Every business has to follow the same legislation which means it is against the act to charge for a service that has not been rendered and the act even specifies this for transportation such as “safe ride” home services and taxi cabs.  We charge you a dispatch fee which is our base fee that is called a nonrefundable dispatch fee, because that is the price for us to dispatch a driver and hold the time spot you requested. Now some people may not like that charge up front but our base fee being paid up front and being nonrefundable is in our service terms and maxes out at $22. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we also do not charge a cancel fee because our dispatch fee is nonrefundable. We write these blog about “safe rides” not to slam other services but to raise awareness so people reading so they can make informed decisions. Some people may say Sober Girls Designated Drivers won’t send a driver without paying $22 (max via credit card) for dispatch and this statement is absolutely correct. If you don’t want to pay for the dispatch there are  other services that just show up on the fly but they will cost you around 30% more than Sober Girls Designated Drivers and you will never have the same driver twice because their drivers end up quitting due to excessive no shows. Our “safe ride” drivers all agree that they need to get paid for their time and because we are not making our drivers work for minimum wage and burn themselves out going places for no shows we collect our base fee up front. Holiday Price fluctuations for “designated drivers” may cost nothing for the dispatch service but it will cause you to end up waiting over time and again 30% more than Sober Girls Designated Drivers. If you go out with your vehicle before making plans for a safe way home you may end up very disappointed this Holiday season paying triple the amount for the service. Don’t let the Grinch steal your holidays and use a service that has a ride cost estimator and online booking form. Plan your safe ride service ahead so that it will be on time or around the time you request and within industry standard pricing. If other companies are specifically telling you to not use Sober Girls Designated Drivers because of “customer service” it is because they are insecure with their own skills and because they need to sell themselves to you. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we do not need to be so petty to bring up customer service because people can be customer service orientated all they need to while robbing your pocket book blind just like that wolf in sheep’s clothing. We are here to offer you a service where it’s organized, within standard pricing of the service which means you pay for your dispatch fee with the kilometers driven and nothing more unless you are a tipper. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers our goal is your protection as a consumer during the Holiday Season so consider the lack of a ride cost estimator and kilometers tagged on to base fee’s as a red flag for a safe ride service. We hope everyone has a happy holiday season and we look forward to getting all patrons home for an equal and fair price for years to come.

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