This blog is for those who use Designated Drivers in Vancouver because I want people to understand they have to pay for the service just as they would a cab ride. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver gives to charity however we operate with set rates. We give good deals at Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’ and we are cheaper then a two way taxi cab. We expect customers to pay whether it has to be cash, credit or debit. If we cant process through our machines you have to go to a bank machine and pay because you used the service. The drivers need to get paid for the kilometers ran on their car, their time and gas, its simply unacceptable to refuse to pay and Sober Girls Designated Drivers will not return your keys until the payment is completed. Designated Driver Companies in Vancouver take legal action through small claims and wins 100% of refuse to pays. Refusing to pay is the same as theft and its just not appropriate for anyone to steal and refusing to pay is stealing. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’ has allowed customers to run tabs and its caused us to loose income we do this to stop impaired drivers from being on the road; however because of others that have refused to pay we no longer allow tabs for our service. Our drivers will not give you back your car keys until you pay and if you need your car you will be asked to give collateral until you can pay. Collateral must be equal value to the cost of your ride. I want to end this blog with food for thought; Our drivers are trying to make ends meet financially many are single parent homes, some are students, some are retired and not surviving off their pension and Sober Girls Designate Drivers do not pay hourly and the drivers get paid per ride so when you do not pay the drivers cant make ends meet so you are not effecting the company but peoples lives.Work-Should-Lift-You-Out-of-Poverty-Button-small-700x450

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