Wonder why “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” has a places to stay menu option on our website? It’s simple because we are a “Designated Driver Service” we are against impaired driving which means we want anyone who lands on our website to have as many options as possible. Our places to stay menu supports calling it a night and staying in a safe place if you are just too intoxicated for the drive home. When you are so far away from your final destination such as being in Vancouver and living in Chilliwack “places to stay” can help. Some people may have paid the $22 dispatch fee however they don’t mind forfeiting the fee and getting a hotel, motel, inn or bed and breakfast. At “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we are all about options and we have listed some of the best hotels and some of the moderately rated motels depending on your budget so you can easily choose from our listings. Some people may still need to move their vehicle from their venue location back to the hotel, motel, inn or bed and breakfast; this is not a problem for “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” simply call dispatch and advise them of your destinations change. The best thing a consumer can do is make decisions that support what is best for them at the time being. As “Sober Drivers” your “safe ride” is our main concern and because you already paid your nonrefundable dispatch fee you are covered. When you go out on days off work you want to have hassle free fun and do not want the irritation of cancel fees that can cost you $30 $40 or even $50 that is even more than the base fee for a DD service. This is why we offer our “safe ride” service at such an incredible low rate so you can have the comfort of knowing your time slot is reserved and if you decide to stay in a hotel, motel, inn or bed and breakfast it’s not a big financial loss for a hefty cancel fee. Plan for a “safe way home BC” with a “safe ride” in the comfort of your own vehicle and if you decide to cancel place a “safe stay” where you are secure and comfortable. Thank you for reading “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” blog in regards to “places to stay” we hope that everyone plans to “stay safe” when they  go out and indulge themselves in a night of drinking.


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