Greater Vancouver has a real problem with the “Designated Driver” Industry not being regulated. The problem arises when fly by night companies open up and there is no way of checking up on them. The types of people who think they can just print business cards and make SUBSTANDARD website and buy some GOOGLE ADWORDS to start the business. These are the types of people who prank the larger more popular companies just to tie up their drivers. At Sober Girls we have liaised with the more reputable companies and they agree the pranking by fly by night competition has been a huge problem dating back since Keys Please who were bullied so much in BC that they do not even operate in BC anymore. There is two ways that a “Designated Driver” company can be pranked the first way is they get a call from fly by night competition and they start asking 20 questions that have nothing to do with the types of service we provide they do this just to tie up the dispatch phone. The second way pranks happen is where the prankster places orders in at more popular “Designated Driver “Companies home city, because a lot of time the companies don’t require credit card deposit for home city calls. The reason why they prank is because larger companies will stop picking up customers without a credit card deposit. This means larger “Designated Driver” companies with more available cars can’t pick up those that don’t have credit card. All the behaviors that these fly by night companies display is not only unethical but completely against the cause we serve which is to keep drunk drivers and anyone else who who is unable to drive. At ”Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we have caught companies RED HANDED pranking we have even proven it to the RCMP through our own investigators. First off RADD’s dispatcher Caitlyn pranking and forgetting to block her phone which was registered in her name then that very night she posted all over RADD facebook page how she was dispatching. Another recent full out prank was Topsuits the driver had dispatched us to one of their calls pretended to be the customer when our car arrived they called the customer and when the alleged customer answered the phone our “Sober Girls Designated Driver Vancouver BC” said this is “Sober Girls Designated Drivers” and the voice on the other end of the phone accidentally had his phone on speaker that is why our driver heard two voices and realized it was a prank call. The Sober Girls driver had the knowledge it was Topsuit because the other voice being the customer said** Manuelle is driving who called Sober Girls** our driver goes on in his report to our office that the other voice said “o shit I’m on speaker phone” At Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we record all interactions and we always catch people red handed because of the way we operate with integrity and class. We Support other “Designated Driver” companies that are serious about saving people and saving lives and those companies we have fun in our competition because competition should be fun and people should all be good sports about it no matter who is winning or losing when companies act with moral values the larger companies will give a hand up but fly by night companies are looking for a hand out and a quick buck. Please be safe when choosing a “Designated Driver” in Vancouver BC check out the website and social media sites are they using proper booking forms are they posting up rates or a rate calculator? The appearance of a website represents a company’s dedication and good website represents a classy business that’s cares about their business. Sober Girls would not hire a web developer with poor skills we are interested in technology and skills from our staff.

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