We want to talk about planning ahead for a safe ride home in advanced. We believe if you are out drinking with your vehicle you should probably decide when you want to leave before you have that second drink. Why would anyone in their right mind be out drinking with their vehicle and not want to plan ahead? Planning ahead gives you the peace of mind knowing you are going to get that safe ride home. Instead of treating a safe ride program like a taxi and leaving it to the last minute to realize like a taxi it may not be available or that it is going to be hours until you get one when you can simply go to our website and book a reservation. A safe ride program that is truly concerned about ending impaired driving is going to promote and support safe ride pre planning. A designated driver service that says call me about 30 minutes before you are ready to leave is not at all concerned about you and your safety those services are simply looking to cram as many safe rides in as possible. Cramming cause’s delays and delays cause people to drive drunk so rather than cramming why not be smart and use our safe ride booking form. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC set up our booking form specifically for responsible pre planners; all bars and restaurants stand behind our booking form based on their training in regards to serving liquor. Why would any establishment in an industry where they are trained to serve responsibly not urge a customer to make arrangements to pre plan a safe way home? Why would anyone look at a booking form and say it’s no good? I mean those kinds of people are either totally irresponsible or completely off their rocker. A safe ride home should be planned well before even going out to insure you get home safely with your car. Even if you are not sure when you want to leave you should probably start problem solving that problem at least 2 hours in advanced. As adults we are required to have responsibility for ourselves and our actions under the law you can try to explain to the officer at the roadblock how tired you were of waiting for your on call designated driver however the policeman will still impound you and slap you with penalties. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC does not take bookings on the phone at all anymore you are required to fill in the booking form. Why? Firstly so we can prove legally that you can enter into an agreement for our driver to drive you in your vehicle. Secondly so we know you are coherent. Thirdly so all the information is given to us directly from yourself. Lastly we require it for third party liability purposes. Unlike some fly by nights we have a great relationship with the transportation minister and ICBC because we are organized and following the letter of the law and we are definitely not trying to replace traditional means of transportation but offering a life line service to get clients from point A to point B. We are not trying to build a system that replaces traditional taxi services, limousines, ride shares, car shares, ect ect. We are an option which compliments traditional means of transportation; we are not interested in being regular means or transportation. We believe you pay for your vehicle you pay the insurance and gas you should be driving it unless in the instance that you are going to be in a state of mind where you cannot. Most first time customers are pleasantly surprised with Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC services and the fact we are pretty much almost always on time and if we are running behind we maintain customer contact. We try to give our drivers the opportunity to have a nightly schedule however it is dependent on responsible pre planners like yourselves. We have talked to many insurance agents whom agree pre planning is safer for everyone the customers and drivers and they all love our booking form. Anyone who thinks a booking form is stupid because they are drunk are just irresponsible, arrogant and should stick to regular means of transportation like a taxi, bus or walking. We don’t want to be liable for irresponsible people because those types of personalities are always trying to play the blame game and will surely mistreat our drivers. We have had many bookings through our booking form and it simply insures that all our customers are coherent and understand what the service is and how it is executed. Be smart be responsible for yourself and your actions and plan for a safe ride home never leave it to the last minute. You can book 24/7 online at least 24 hours in advance so daytime pickups are always possible. Get a safe ride home today and book on our website now.

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