Too Proud to Save a Life?– Designated Driver Disputes

It’s amazing how many designated driver companies, who claim to have public safety in mind, are willing to harass and shame another Designated Driver company. Oh YES… I know… what about the Savannah thing… right? Was anything said in the review not true? Is it fair for anybody to boast about being the best at anything? Besides it still shows the character of Savannah Designated Drivers’ operators. It doesn’t look like they have much better customer service than Sober Girls. Would you like to get into a car with somebody who challenges people to meet them at the clubhouse? The whole point was public safety… not customer service shaming.

While we are on the topic of Sober Girls’ bad customer service… Are you serious? You are actually going to criticize a business, which helps people get home safely, over customer service? How are you able to do that and even claim that you care about public safety? When you dial 911 are you looking for customer service or for someone to save your life? Grow up! Is bad customer service even worth a news story these days? Why don’t you just rename the local newspaper ‘Bad Service Gazette” then you can just have a phone book sized paper all about how crappy every business out there is.

It is absolute discrimination to write a news article about Sober Girls’ bad customer service without reviewing any other company. On top of that… it wasn’t a real customer. In which case we would have refused the service upon arrival anyway. You must request the designated driver under the name of the registered vehicle owner because a fake person cannot give us permission to drive someone’s car.

It’s pathetic that you would even target a designated driver company over bad customer service unless some kind of damage was done due to negligence. Grow up and learn how to be a reporter… A reporter reports… A reporter doesn’t create their own version to suit the desire for public drama. The public needs facts, not fiction… we have Social Media for that.

It doesn’t matter whether or not the intoxicated individual gets home safely… it only matters that Sober Girls didn’t pick them up… right? Anyone who thinks like that is a disgusting individual. Also, bringing someone else down to your level doesn’t make you rise above… it just makes everyone else lower their nose to smell your stinking attitude.

I think in reality if all of the other Designated Drivers actually cared about public safety they wouldn’t be fighting against each other so much. Wouldn’t the designated drivers industry be much more successful if the companies actually worked together? Sober Girls Designated drivers has referred many customers to other Designated Driver services because we truly care that people get home safely. It is true that every business needs to earn an income but don’t forget what the true purpose of a designated driver is.

Designated Drivers are not a ride-share, ride-hail, carpool, nor are they supposed to be a traditional means of transportation. Think about how designated drivers originally got to be a popular term. It all started with a group of volunteers who gave up their family time over the holidays to help keep the roads safe. Thank you Operation Red Nose! Eventually some private individuals started offering the service on a for-profit basis and next thing you know we have this mess of people crapping all over each other. Good job showing the love everybody!

I think it is disgusting how so many people are willing to exploit intoxicated people to make a quick dollar. Many people are willing to say just about anything to make the public believe that they are a safe service… despite the fact that you might end up at the clubhouse if you share your opinions of their service. Again… not a matter of customer service but a matter of public safety. Maybe some gangs are creating designated driver companies to wash their drug money. But that’s alright as long as they don’t have bad customer service.

It’s also pretty disgusting that the media was more than happy to publicly shame a designated driver company but made absolutely no effort to investigate the truth or look for any positive points. Oh right… it’s not good news if it’s the truth… right. Maybe the public would know what happened if you tell both sides of the story. But then again nobody would tune into CKNW to listen to a whiney little brat complain about a problem that doesn’t exist.

Maybe I’m rude or maybe you are just overly sensitive and programmed. Either way, I don’t know anybody who has been injured by a case of rudeness. I remember when the News actually had news in it. Now it’s just a bunch of complaining by whoever can grease the corporate palm. Just what we need… Taxi drivers playing with apps! Never mind the single mother who started a small business while she was homeless only to have the media tell her that she has bad customer service… that’s pathetic… not one good word about her anywhere. You should all be ashamed of yourselves… but it’s okay because apparently bad customer service kills and violent people who make threats about clubhouses don’t.

Let’s not talk about how when Sober Girls started they raised funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Let’s not talk about their coat and blanket drives to heat the homeless. Let’s not talk about how Sober Girls contributed to the Surrey Schools lunch program. No… let’s not mention any of that because the owner is nothing but garbage because she offered bad customer service to a fake customer who never existed. Its a good thing that we had Shelby Thom at CKNW to cover the Sober Girls scandal and make sure nobody else gets a warm blanket from someone who allegedly offers bad customer service.

Maybe people should stop and think a little before they wish bad things for people because they just might get what they are wishing for everybody else. It is naive to think that any one company can do it all and keep the roads safe. There needs to a group effort… at least by those who actually care about public safety.

Stay positive… keep your nose clean… and stay away from that clubhouse!

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