We would like to make the public aware that not many designated driver companies have business licenses. They run AdWords in google and leave business card in bars to drum up business. We are here to raise awareness to consumers and industry staff in regards to this matter. If a business owner chooses to advertise an unlicensed unregistered designated driver business and an accident or assault occurs whether it be physical or sexual the legal responsibility will land on the advertiser of that service. There is an old saying “you are who you know” so if you are advertising a licensed service make sure they are running like a professional business and not a side show. At “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we pride ourselves as industry leaders through our work not only on our website but in the communities we service. Did you know “Sober Girls Designated Drivers” is the first in the industry to introduce a Charity Rate and Low Income Rate? We have these special rates because we are industry leaders who want to fill every need we see. In our industry we also see a need for more professionals to break into the industry and this is why we have decided to give our overflow to companies that operate within industry standards and whom are dedicated to providing safe and efficient service. We want to give the public the red flags to watch for when choosing a service 1. The designated driver service has customer testimonials on the website. The reason we want customers to watch for testimonials on websites is because there is no way to confirm validity and let’s face it anyone can toot their own horn. 2. Has a lot of information on how great they are at customer service. Again anyone can toot their own horn. In this industry on a busy weekend the call volume is intense that the main goal is getting everyone who calls a safe ride home and not customer service 3. We mentioned the AdWords campaigns already but again if a company needs to run ads they are not marketing their product effectively. 4. The company has a lot of scrolling pictures on their website. Do not click on these sites with your mobile device it will eat 1 to 3 gigs off your data plan. 5. Quality of their website. Some people may disagree but at “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we believe in quality. When you land on the website is the information clear like the cost, wait times, service area, contact information and lastly does the booking form require an email address? If an email is required for booking they could be selling your email to marketers and your email could be involved in a phishing scam. 6. Does the designated driver company keep credit cards on file? Currently there is special authorization to keep credit card numbers on file some companies are writing them down or entering your credit card number into a spread sheet which is a big no no. We understand some customers want their card on file but without the proper authority no company can keep credit card numbers on file. If you insist on having your credit card on file you can take a photo of your credit card and email or text it to the company; in doing so the company holds no responsibility for it. At “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we do not keep credit card numbers on file because we charge a dispatch fee up front to hold your requested time slot. 7. The company charges cancellation fees. A cancelation fee for not driving your vehicle is the most asinine thing we have ever heard of because it is your vehicle that is being provided to the service. If a company wants to cover the cost of sending a driver it should be up front without further penalty. At “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we charge you a one-time dispatch fee. All designated driver services charge a base fee; however the base fee may be called a pick up fee or a fee with kilometers attached. 8. The designated driver company you are using is charging kilometers with their base fee. Watch out for kilometers added to the base fee because it goes against the consumers affairs act. A taxi will not charge minimum kilometers to your base fee because it is illegal. 9. The company guarantee’s exact time and that they are never late. This always makes our drivers smile because they know that speeding and driving erratically to be on time is not what professional drivers do. At “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we pride ourselves on safety and we do not want our drivers feeling pressured to speed or break the rules of the roads. 10. The company complains about Sober Girls Designated Drivers and other competition during your ride home. Talk about tacky and distasteful a good company will talk about everything they do right to run a designated driver company and even reward customers with discounts. Thank you again for reading our recent blog. Although our blog is not written by a teacher or English master the information is good to know as industry staff and consumers alike. Lastly this blog is not to bash other companies but to provide information to those who wish to take this information with a grain of salt.

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