Almost everyone has their own idea of what poor customer service is but can a company have poor customer service if a customer gives false and fraudulent information? A perfect example is our alleged customer “Michelle Brianne” whom first off did not use her real name to request our driver and second off did not go through the appropriate channels to file a dispute. Where do we draw the line at customer’s rights and the rights for a business to run without harassment and discrimination? We had written many blogs prior to our upcoming new platform launch in regards to all the prank calls and just complete harassment which we had to deal with since we opened why? Perhaps we simply have a better concept or maybe it’s because we hire people with disabilities? Could be because some disabilities effects communication and god forbid if someone gets offended by our website content and Sober Girls being edgy in blogs or on social media. No way could anyone ever believe that some self-entitled individuals have attempted to bully us out of business. We know that the everyday Canadian wants to support their local communities and really do enjoy our outlet and outlook and if SGDD is not your taste then you are free to go “Do More” with Kater or any other Taxi. It is not morally and correct by the laws of nature to attempt a direct attack on an individual’s human rights to free expression and free enterprise. Sober Girls Designated Drivers believes that there will be no penalty imposed by regulatory acts for “bad customer service” because it is an issue that stems back to an individual situation which cannot be generalized; like really every business owner has experienced the customer they just cannot please and almost every business has been robbed, ripped off and cheated at some point. Sober Girls Designated Drivers have expressed safety concerns in our industry in regards to real problems such as Adword Designated Driver companies who operate with throw away phones and N drivers. Those Adword companies do not have any clout and may even have criminal records who knows there’s absolutely no way to find out from an unlisted phone number on a throw away phone. The funny and also scary thing about Adword Designated Driver Companies is they Adword themselves to be the best in BC using the marketing “Trust Us”;Sober Girls Designated Drivers does not think it’s a good idea to trust any person or service which uses the term “Trust Us”. Terrible marketing aside these companies have no history, no google rankings and absolutely no special tools or innovative ideas to call their unknown brand the best in BC. Exactly what have they done and what is so special about their brand which makes them the best? Anyone can build a wix site and run Adwords they are teaching more and more of this in Elementary schools and building something a 9 year old can is not so special. Sober Girls Designated Drivers understand the false news and false customers who are obviously not in our system and the unskilled in business who are putting out the fake reviews are it is partly our fault but we feel we had to get the facts out to BC on what an established Designated Driver Service is and how to know the difference. At SGDD we feel we have taken enough ownership for our actions and we are not putting information out to the public in attempt to hurt the feelings of others, but to offer facts to the public so the public can make decisions based on knowledge. Sober Girls Designated Drivers is not just a bold and edgy name we are bold and edgy but we have good intentions for both our staff and our customers. Sober Girls Designated Drivers have done a lot of freelance charity work and worked with some of the largest charitable organizations such as The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation and The Canadian Red Cross. Many causes are very dear to our heart but nothing is dearer to our hearts than supporting the sobriety of women who have struggled with addictions issues and we are directly seeking out an organization to partner with or in the event we cannot we at Sober Girls DD will build our own while continuing to provide a service and purpose in the communities we service. We have seen a lot of the defamatory information being passed out on social media about SGDD and we do not care because our skin is thick we do not scare easily besides the kids need something to do and those kinds of actions are childlike hence why we use the code word kids when new defamatory information in regards to our brand is posted on social media. Every founder of any idea that is great has went through scandal and we continue to handle it with our belief in our product benefits and marketability and just like Hollywood’s best we let them keep squawking. It’s like having our own personal windup toy we write the blogs and we post edgy content and windup up the competition then we watch them go. Sure it could be looked at as a tad bit sociopathic however the best always are and we are not interested in smoke and mirrors we are interested in being the best we can be. May the best stand tall and stand their ground while the rest learn to be better sports because “let’s face it” no one likes poor sports.

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