With the holiday season approaching a police presence on BC highways is on the rise and our drivers have been noticing it during work hours. Our drivers have reported several pop up sobriety checks coming up at odd hours such as 5am and even 9am on Sunday mornings. Upon asking officers why they would have the roadblocks at these hours officers claim they are pinching people that are impaired who try to eat or drink coffee to wear down their BAC blood alcohol content especially when at holiday parties. It has been proven scientifically that a person cannot eat or drink coffee to lower their BAC and all it takes is time and sleeping does not reduce your blood alcohol level. It is only the time factor that is important to wear down the BAC. Experts, says a 68 kg man needs two hours to eliminate the alcohol in just one beer and most people drink more than one at holiday parties. For those who are one drink wonders you need to keep in mind that that just because you are under 0.08% BAC, doesn’t mean you are OK to get behind the wheel especially during the holiday season when police are on the prowl. Intoxication begins with the very first drink. While there are many other ways an intoxicated driver could get home such as public transit, a taxi and designated driver services inevitably some will continue to drink and drive especially during the holidays. What is the effect when people start to see the pattern in roadblocks and already know where the police roadblocks are likely to be? Some will conclude that they can take another route to avoid risk of being stopped. Others, including people who regularly drive after drinking, will calculate time and distance of travel to avoid the roadblock in turn swerving through side streets and putting the public at great risk. This is why we have noticed an increase in roadblocks being set up by police on many side streets of the lower mainland during holiday weekends in general. The blog discussion is likely to raise your awareness of the fact that it’s unlawful to drive after consuming too much alcohol however by the time the weekend comes along, and you’re planning to head out, it’s more likely that the knowledge that there are roadblocks out there it should be enough to get your to pre book a Sober Girls Designated Driver through our website and most importantly for holiday work parties. Of all RCMP jurisdictions in British Columbia, Surrey has the highest proportion of impaired driving incidents. Impaired driving incidents in Surrey BC were distributed relatively evenly across the 12 months of the year; unsurprisingly, most impaired driving incidents occurred on a Saturday, and over half occurred between 10 pm and 2 am. The majority (84 per cent) of impaired drivers were male and with the average age of 36 years old. The point at which a driver becomes legally impaired in Canada is 80 milligrams per 100 millilitres of blood; according to the current studies, the average blood alcohol content of impaired driving offenders was 172 milligrams. Sober Girls Designated drivers is not price surging our services for the holiday season because of the number of people who are choosing to drink and drive. We do not want to discourage people from using our services with high prices. Keep in mind if you’re caught driving impaired, you could face the below penalties:
 Driving suspensions from 24 hours to 90 days.
 Vehicle impoundment.
 Fines, range from $600 and up to $4,060.
 Jail time.
 Mandatory rehabilitation. (Responsible Driver Program).
 Installation of ignition interlock in your vehicle.

The Responsible Driver Program (RDP) is a program that may be enforced upon drunk driving offenders. This is a remedial program for drivers with alcohol or drug related driving prohibitions. Every Canadian province and many jurisdictions throughout the world have similar programs and they have been shown to reduce the risk of repeat alcohol or drug related collisions and convictions. After paying the $930.00 program fee in British Columbia, and having to undergo a telephone assessment you won’t feel so hot about your decision to drink and drive. This program does not just eat up your money but also your time an 8-hour education session in a classroom is mandatory and 16-hours’ worth of group counselling program, scheduled over an eight week period. Let’s not forget to mention that good old vehicle interlock device which is a device wired into a vehicle’s ignition system. The device requires the driver to provide a breath sample and prevents the vehicle from starting if alcohol is detected. The device also demands breath samples at random intervals while the vehicle is operational to ensure the driver remains alcohol-free while driving his or her vehicle. Sober Girls Designated Drivers service these device and even being completely sober they are a complete pain in the ass. The Pain in the ass aside let’s take a look on the costs that start piling up from the poor choice of drunk driving when the device is installed, drivers will pay the $150 administrative fee plus a $145 installation fee. Monthly monitoring costs range from $85 to $95 depending on the term length. When a driver completes the program, there is also a $50 device removal. Some people may think oh well they will just impound my vehicle on a first offence sure that may be true however it will cost you on average of 19.55 per day for impound lots located within the Greater Vancouver Regional District, the District of Squamish, the District of Chilliwack, the District of Abbotsford, the District of Mission or the City of Victoria. It will also cost you initial towing fee of between $80 and up to $150. So far everything we have discussed Sober Girls Designated Drivers is still costing you less than impaired driving and we are in fact saving your wallet, possibly your life. and the innocent lives of others.

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