This article I have been wanting to write for some time because I want our blog to be informative and give people good information. This blog “ safety tipsfor Designated Drivers in Vancouver BC” is to keep yourself safe as a Designated Driver in Vancouver BC and this goes for both men and women. This job is best suited for those who can relate to others our customers may be overly intoxicated.  Designated driving jobs involves making connections with customers and getting them home safely and keeping yourself safe doing so.

safety tips

1.Always carry a small flashlight, a good utility knife (one that can cut a seat-belt and break glass),and a small can of dog replant.

2. When you arrive at the call scope out the area LOOK at your surroundings.

3. Call the customer and ask how many passengers and who and always meet at their vehicle so you know what vehicle is theirs by having them meet you at their vehicle.

4.Make a judgement call get a feel for the demeanor of the customers and passengers is anyone slumped over? anyone vomiting? are people loud? Are they arguing? has their been a fight? are they high on cocaine or other drugs?

5. Set Ground Rules before leaving such as no hanging out the window, limit the noise level , adjust mirrors, to see back seat passengers, set child safety locks, do not allow drug use especially in groups where its pretty obvious you cant bypass/oversee/ or miss the fact the customer and passengers are getting high on drugs. Carry grocery store bags on you for vomit as customers have been known to attempt to open doors on moving vehicles just to vomit

6. If you are a female or male and you feel like your being sexually harassed speak up.Sexual harassment is also comments that go way beyond friendly which are  intimate conversations that you normally would not discuss with a stranger. Tell the customer its not appropriate conversation and that you will have to report it to your boss as its company policy. If a customer starts to touch you inappropriately pull over and tell the customer that you will not continue the ride if you feel scared tell the customer you forgot your phone in the follow car make an excuse to get out of the vehicle.

7. Customer drivers please  keep an eye out for your follow car make sure you pull to the shoulder immediately if your driver is not in view. Follow Drivers always take down those plate numbers I don’t know how much more I can stress that a plate number could save your life.

Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC’ wants all designated drivers to know you all are doing a good thing so we do not want drivers to be assaulted or mistreated. We stress to our drivers to work with a follow driver and customer driver that has your back. Think like law enforcement in terms of your follow car being your call for back up as drivers can switch roles at anytime to get the job done.

The knife in the photo is very similar to mine its very important to have in the event of an accident or other such problems on the job, The flashlight is important for you to see; anything can happen your alternator could go or battery die, and you will need to be able to see in the dark. The pepper spray you may need to protect yourself I don’t like pepper spray myself because its always ends up everywhere but each to their own. Please Keep Safe out There!




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