Savannah Designated Drivers Challenge ‘Mental Issues’.

“Why don’t you come down to the clubhouse in Hammond and we can discuss your mental issues?”, was the response one yelp reviewer got when communicating with Savannah Designated Drivers through their Yelp profile.

Savannah Designated Drivers “Enterprises Inc” claims to be ‘Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland’s Top Designated Drivers.’ It’s quite clear that their aggressive PR tactics were not considered when that statement was rendered. Please take notice to the screenshots below which show a conversation between a Yelp reviewer and whatever mad-person was sitting behind the computer at the Savannah office. Surely the reviewer was making a bold statement regarding the validity of Savannah’s service but the response that came back was completely unexpected.

Savannah Designated Driver Threatens Yelp Reviewer 1 of 2
Savannah Designated Driver Threatens Yelp Reviewer 2 of 2

Just imagine what kind of people you could be letting drive your vehicle? Have these people been properly screened? Have they passed recent criminal record checks? Can you imagine being challenged to meetup at some kind of clubhouse over a bad Yelp review? Who knows where you could end up with people like this if you let them drive your car.

It is very important that regulations are put into place to help ensure the integrity and safety of anybody who offers Designated Driver Services. Vulnerable people who may be extremely intoxicated rely on their designated driver to get them safely from point A to point B. The public shouldn’t have to feel intimidated or threatened by a Designated Driver company over a bad review.

This behaviour is absolutely appalling and a major concern for public safety. Hopefully somebody does something soon to prevent just any hot-headed person with an Adwords campaign and a templated website from taking advantage of people who are in a vulnerable position.

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