The Sober Girls Autobiography is coming soon, the good, the bad and the ugly. We will offer an inside look at the life of a Sober Girl trying to make a better life for her and her children. Anyone can agree being Sober is a thing to be expected of any single mother but time and time this is not the case. Our Sober Girls Designated Drivers founder and CEO Brandy Parlett has had her struggles in life as we all do as life can challenge the best of us and life can change so fast. We never know where life will take us because it is an unknown journey. The Sober Girls autobiography will discuss topics such as our founder Brandy Parlett’s two disabled children and clear up any confusion as to why they do not live in her home. Here is the spoiler most people with children with disabilities do not get enough support from the government to be able to handle the costs and strain of having a child/children with complex special needs. As some of you may know or may not know the founder Brandy Parlett went to Douglas College to work towards a Bachelor of Arts Degree she also got educated and trained as a Special Needs Educator not only to help the community but to also learn to help her own children better however her Education and Training was just not enough to juggle all the demands of a busy work schedule and two disabled children. Our founder has been accused of all sorts of unimaginable accusations on social media which have not been legally proven in a court of law like most things on social media. As a Special Educator the founder of SGDD has a vulnerable section check under the police records system and therefore is absolutely clear of any acts against children and she feels how dare anyone ever accuse or gossip about her in such a disgraceful and disgusting topic. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we understand as an entire entity that talking about someone’s children may get a bad reaction out of a person so why should our founder be any different? It is absolutely insane to talk about someone’s children; unfortunately due to all the controversy around “where” Sober Girls founder’s two sons live makes it absolutely necessary. In this blog at this point in time we want to advise the public both boys are in safe and structured environments which will make their move to adult special needs group home living more successful. The founders long term goal is to have a trust funds for both boys set up so that when they do become adults there will be money for them so they may have some of their dreams come true as the youngest boy loves dolphins’ therefore a trip to Sea World to ride a dolphin is something he could use his trust for and obviously the trust would be for immediate needs before luxury need such as riding dolphins. Going back to the Sober Girls Autobiography and how the company was born was out of complete adversity which we all face in some way throughout life. Some people are born at the top and some people have to climb to the top whatever the case some just do it better. Sober Girls founder also has a daughter who was the only child in her care when she found herself in the middle of a school Strike Layoff and one expense after another and we all could agree moving is an expense which a lot of Brutish Colombians cannot afford to do; we do live in the most expensive place in North America. So this factor is the why and how of having to live out of the car with child happened, however you will be pleased to be notified that the founder did find better arrangements for her daughter just a few days into not having a place to live. There has been a lot of judgments and a lot of assumptions about the situation however our founder had no time to feel like a failure or lay down and cry because as our founder always says to friends and staff “sometimes emotions are not useful” we can’t argue with that because it’s absolutely true crying won’t make change as change starts with the person. The autobiography will discuss many other topics in regards to how one Sober Girl took an entire industry by storm and how one Sober Girls has completely innovated an entire industry. This is the story of Sober Girls Designated Drivers birth and the emancipation of one inspirational Canadian female.

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