Sober Girls Designated Drivers may upset and offend people with our direct disregard for taxi drivers but it is only because we believe in a “hands off approach” for all our drivers and as we believe it should be in the transportation industry. We always ask customers to meet us at their vehicle this is because we are not responsible or qualified to help or assist with walking and or carrying your things. Sober Girls Designated Drivers have the core belief when offering services which are in fact non-medical there is no reason to have physical contact. We understand that people always want to hug the designated drivers but do not be upset when you do not get the same response. We ask that customers do not touch their designated driver and at any time our drivers do reserve the right to end the trip. Over the last few decades specifically in BC there has been a real increase in taxi drivers sexually assaulting and or touching passengers and just making passengers feel real uncomfortable. As Designated Drivers in BC we are simply using the available loophole of driving you in your vehicle so that you can avoid the taxi industry. When “Uber” and “Lyft” first came into the market there was safety concerns but its clear the Provincial Government chooses to back the taxi industry and the bad behavior of taxi drivers while still not alleviating the need for more transportation options in BC and in the Vancouver core specifically. Granted a class 5 driver transporting passengers is no different than any other driver in any passenger vehicle carrying under 8 passengers. What is wrong with BC wheres the room for anyone else to grow? Where is the job growth and in insuring only class 4 drivers can driver under 8 passengers? In our own public poll 92% of participants agreed that class 5 driver with a clean abstract and background checks should be able to drive a passenger vehicle with under 8 passengers; in that same poll 97% said they never had an experience where our driver has made them feel uncomfortable and when asked if they had an uncomfortable experience with a taxi driver 93% answered “Yes”. Asking for customer experience is important and this has been proven with the “Uber” and “Lyft” system which both contain a real high amount of customer satisfaction. With customers having a choice in drivers and driver services as available and the choice to rate the drivers customers feel more safer. Sober Girls Designated Drivers does not post drivers photos however we have our since opening and we have not had one customer dispute to date partly because of our hands off approach which shows professionalism and courtesy. We would love to have the same driver profile idea as “Uber” or “Lyft” but we don’t know how far the taxi industry will take their ambush on anyone else other than themselves who are driving for a living, and our drivers safety of course is imperative. Speaking of safety our hands off approach to our services helps improve not only passenger safety but driver safety too. If you need a driving service which you can trust and believe in Sober Girls Designated Drivers BC is the Right Choice in Designated Drivers we are the pioneers of the first custom built ride cost estimator and custom built booking system. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we have put out more information on the internet than any other Designated Driving company in BC history. We are not afraid to talk about the taboo issues in ground transportation and we are ok with utilizing our rights to free expression weather it upsets and offends some people or not.

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