Sober Girls Designated Drivers re-launch and new platform is delayed due to the amount of building our developer has to do and also because we want to take our time to do things right. Many are asking us when we are opening the new platform but there is no answer for this. We have one developer and he has disabilities and most people with Asperger’s (form of autism) tend to take a really long time absolutely perfecting every last detail.


Many companies see disabled people as non-productive or slow but not us at Sober Girls Designated Drivers we are patient and kind. The business world is the most unkind to people with disabilities especially oddly enough IT companies which is absolutely silly because most people with Autism are creative at computer programming that is if employers want to wait a really long time however with that being said the  work is always innovative and genius.


This is why we know our booking form works and its why we know our ride cost estimator is accurate lastly  its why we know our data is always 100% because there is no way our developer could miss one detail in the code he writes. It is unfortunate that Sober Guys Designated Drivers stole his code off our website for the ride cost estimator; time and time again we have seen people with disabilities get taken advantage of and used, with this being said our developer did not think anyone would steal from Designated Driver company website.


No surprise we are going to have some very innovative tools on our new platform but not only this but smaller  companies in our industry will benefit more from closing and working for Sober Girls Designated Drivers because what we are coming out with has never been done in our industry and it will push our industry into the future. We work to not re-invent the wheel but to provide a pliable solution and we are absolutely positive our new platform will have some copycats because every company has knock off competition however Google will reward us.


This new platform has been over 2 years in the making it’s been a lot of brainstorming and dealing with all the frustrations most employers who hire specifically Asperger’s people have but we promise hell wont freeze over by the time it is done even though we ourselves have wondered. Sober Girls Designated Drivers did originally launch as an immediate survival solution as our founder was living out of her car due to job loss during longest school boards strike in BC history. Now Sober Girls Designated Drivers is a creative outlet and not so much for immediate survival however the income did help and will help pay our developer who is working on consignment.


Our goal for the future is that our new platform will stop all the fake calls and fake customers and will squash the corporate bullies and if anyone knows how to stop bullies in their tracks it our founder Brandy Parlett the woman who has a take no bull attitude. Our founder worked in special education for over 5 years and has special training in Autism she is an advocate for those with autism and she works towards acceptance and inclusion in society for all disabled people. We believe stealing intellectual property from disabled people is no different than stealing candy from a baby not only is it pathetic but a sad place for anyone to come from. We wish everyone well and just hope people see we are not just building for ourselves but for the community as a whole.


Our brand is bold and edgy it’s a brand which screams Friday night, time to relax and joke with friends; we are not interested in selling a stuffy corporate Monday morning image it is not our style, and it’s really not conducive with this industry. If some people are the type that never want to dislodge whatever stuffs their crevasses than they can by all means stay away from “bold and edgy” and go for “professionalism” and the other played out marketing images.

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