Over the last four years Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC has made leaps and bounds in the Safe Ride industry. We have contributed our custom coded rate cost estimator our new Park Me feature and now a brand new booking system. Our goal in the Safe Ride industry is to innovate and push the industry forward so that Designated Drivers can do their job with ease and customers can feel confident in getting a safer way home. We have created the easiest to use website platform which does not force customers to download any Apps and one which confirms through our form your Safe Ride Home. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC is expanding nationwide and we will continue to take the industry by storm for the better of the communities we service. As the innovators in the industry as we go Canada wide we will have all sorts of media scandal as we have had in the past which we feel is a tacky way for any competitor to get by; however we will embrace all the hate we can. We all know love trumps over hate and we got so much love for all designated drivers and Safe Ride Services however we do put our Service in a class of its own and that is perfectly okay. As we go through Each Province and Territories and open our services we hope people will embrace the changes. We want to innovate that is what we have been doing all the way through and we want the industry to become the best it can be. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC is somewhat in shock of the kinds of blasphemy and discriminatory comments we have had in relation to the gender identification in our company name and of all things in the world we never thought the sexual orientation of our company name would become a thing to discriminate against. We have had individuals clone the owners Facebook accounts just to start a scandal they have even harassed the 17 year old female owner on Facebook to the point of her being fearful for her life. In Abbotsford BC we had our car windows smashed the first weekend of moving our head office there. We have been through a lot and we believe it’s partly due to the sexual orientation of our company name and the fact there is no government agency regulating the industry. Two Sober Girls have single handedly as women innovated the industry and we all know woman and girls can be strong leaders and innovate for the better in any industry. Women are entitled under the laws to have the same and equal rights as man and Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC is excited to bring our name brand to communities across Canada. Our Safe Ride drivers are both male and female and we do support both sexes and even those who are non-gender identified. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC also have a place to stay menu on our website which will be available individually across Canada for each Province and Territories we service because we also want people to be aware of other options available as opposed to drunk driving. In Vancouver Sober Girls Designated Drivers Safe Ride program has shared many rides with smaller startup companies so they too can give those needing safe rides and safer way home: if and when we are booked up solid. We are looking for innovative minds and entrepreneurs who want to hop on board with us ladies and make it happen because there are two kinds of people in the world the first type talk the second type take action. Sober Girls Designated Drivers is a strong name brand started by two very strong females and we seek this characteristic when hiring management for our 47 offices opening this year Canada wide. At Sober Girls Designated Driver we have noticed that the industry was turning into a corporate boxing match and so we took it upon ourselves to revert the service back to a community service that everyone benefits from not only the customers and owners but most importantly our front line workers our own drivers. As the core innovators we promise that everyone on our team will be successful and our mission is to keep the industry as close to operation red nose core value of community service as possible. You may be thinking “Sober Girls Designated Drivers” is not by donation and you are absolutely right however we are the closest to operating a service to donating ride money. Let us explain how; When our drivers are contracted they get paid 75%- 80% plus 100% tips depending on the office location contracting the drivers now that profit margin is very low for the name brand itself. The reason we have worked so hard on our “safe ride” service with only a small royalty paid out to us is because as discussed the core value in the industry is community service and if we collect higher royalties than our 25% cap it would not be a community service. As Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC expands across Canada there will be a lot of innovation however the royalties paid will be capped at 25%. Designated Drivers is a community service not a get rich quick scheme and it’s not meant to contract out cheap labor or to pay driver minimum wages. The Safe Ride industry has always been contracted work to private individuals who become self-employed under a brand and the drivers complete contracted rides. As the number 1 service across multiple platforms we are constantly brainstorming and innovating we are consistently getting advice from drivers and feedback from customers. Keep your eyes peeled for more website updates and more tools that will be available both for drivers sand customers. Best Regards.

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