If you don’t like or trust Uber? Don’t use it. But its ridiculous to attempt to “shut down” an enterprise because of some concocted “risk”. The current regulations are not serving the public interest. That’s why its impossible to get a cab on a Friday night in Vancouver. If it takes technologically advanced companies that think outside the box like Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’, Uber and Lyft to shake up the comfy cosy old taxi cartels and create a service that actually works to keep impaired drivers off the road and those unable to drive for whatever reason. Laws are changed through the political system. That is how democracy works. Until then though, licensed companies have rights they paid the city for. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’ is licensed and we only transport customers in their cars so the taxi cab cartel cannot interrupt our business at all.If anyone just decided to start a taxi business without licenses, or without insured cars, or without properly licensed drivers then we would be charged under several bylaw infractions and receive the full force of the law and this make me question how city planners are going to handle all the unlicensed Designated Driving Companies in Vancouver. A Designated Driver  Service is nothing  like uber because Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’ drive you home in your own car with a follow car to pick up the driver… We do not like to be compared to Uber except when it comes to the use of technology on the job. Uber is just basically an unlicensed cab company, its folks driving you around in their car and I hear Uber is cheaper than a cab.




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