Sober Girls Designated Drivers thinks social networking is important for any business owner I cant stress how much of a positive outcome social networking has on small businesses. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’ is always updating our Facebook, Twitter and other sources we use for social networking. Some give the opinion that the owner of Sober Girls Designated Drivers has no life and I agree any successful small business owner is willing to sacrifice a personal life to succeed in business. I feel ┬áthat business owners that lack in Social Networking Skills having only closed groups or just never updating their groups will suffer financially because when they are found on social networks customers will think they are not in business or just not up to date on anything. Sober Girls Designated Drivers work with the best SEO firms to get the most out of search engines because we know that people love to google for answers and when a company has done its work google can recognize it as a valuable source hence why Sober Girls is ranking high in Google and will continue to because Sober Girls Designated Drivers wants everyone on Google to know about our service.


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