Summer Roadblocks

Summer Roadblocks all over the lower mainland this summer due to the hot summer weather that is well on the way. We want customers and staff to be prepared to deal with local law enforcement so we put together a few tips for you both. When you approach a roadblock you should think about the tips below:

  1. Drivers always carry your Driver’s License with you at all times
  2. Customers ensure your insurance papers are easily accessible (in the glove box preferably)
  3. Make sure if any of you are smoking to butt out before the roadblock
  4. Make sure all people riding in the vehicle are seat belted properly
  5. During the roadblock stop allow our driver to speak directly to the enforcement officer we understand you may be excited that you have a designated driver and you want to share this with law enforcement however our driver has care and control over the motor vehicle so respect that

Sober Girls “Greater Vancouver’s Designated Drivers” wants everyone to have a SAFE and a FUN summer so in order to help your nights out go smoothly PLAN AHEAD for a safe ride home in your own vehicle by using our booking forms. We have a ride cost estimator that can help you budget the cost and we may have an industry discount rate if you’re picked up by any associate establishment. If you ever find yourself with a 24 hour suspension because you chose to drink and drive we also have roadside pickup however wait times might be longer that the norm but we will get your vehicle home from the roadside We also offer impound pick up from all the impound lots with our contracts. Please ensure you pre-book your impound pick up 24 hours in advance. Sober Girls works with impound to insure you can get your vehicle home with our driver. Sober Girls “Greater Vancouver Designated Drivers” has a strong foundation and a sense of community and we work within the community to offer safe and effective alternative transportation after all everyone deserves “A Safe Alternative”.  Local law enforcement reports summer roadblocks and impaired driving remains one of the top three contributing factors for fatal crashes, and is the leading cause of criminal death in Canada. We wish to keep the public aware that police will continue with summer roadblocks through the summer season all over the entire lower mainland.

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