If you’re in a road accident, there’s a 20% higher chance of death for front seat passengers if people in the back seat don’t wear a seatbelt. So please ask everyone in your car to wear a seatbelt to insure a safe ride home. If someone is driving carelessly and makes a mistake that upsets you, honking at them isn’t really going to make much difference to their attitude. Your horn isn’t for scolding other people; it’s for warning them. Use it ONLY if you need to let someone know you’re in their blind spot, to alert them to a hazard ahead – for instance an animal on the road. Honking is not an outlet for road rage and is not a safe way to ride home. A light tap on the horn is usually enough. The 10 to 2 position is the recommended way to use your steering wheel because it gives you good control.  Always adjust your side mirrors so you have to lean over to see the side of the car. You already know what color the car is. Winding the mirrors out farther drastically reduces your blind spots. Don’t leave your driveway in winter without changing your tires an all four of them, it’s not a safe ride home if you changed just the front or back set. It’s no big secret that winters here are harsh and getting worse. Do yourself a favor always plan ahead and use the right tires for the weather – especially when the temperature drops below 7C.If you’re using all-season tires in the winter, your stopping distance can increase by up to 40% on snow, ice or cold pavement. This means you’re in trouble if you have to brake suddenly. The RCMP report that drivers are travelling too fast for the road conditions in the winter weather BC road conditions are expected to be poor this winter so drivers are expected to adjust their speed to reduce the risk of being involved in a collision and for a safe ride home. As winter approaches we have longer, darker days and visibility is reduced making all road users; especially pedestrians vulnerable. 2,400 pedestrians are injured and 58 are killed in crashes every year in BC.



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  1. Multiple occupants + aloohcl/drugs increase the possibility that something bad will happen. According to an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study, crash rates for teens rise significantly as the number of passengers increases. This is especially true for the most inexperienced drivers: 16- and 17-year age group. Don’t drink and drive!

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