While the public’s attitude about impaired driving have changed, amazingly, police are still hearing excuses from impaired drivers about why they are behind the wheel while impaired despite the designated driver services are available to get home safely. At “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we have heard the excuses while doing roadside vehicle pickups and from impaired crash survivors so we thought it would be fun to share the top five.
1. “I can hold my liquor well.” Police hear this often from drivers who have survived an alcohol-related crash who claim they had very little to drink and really didn’t think they were impaired. The fact is, alcohol affects your perception of how impaired you are, the risk of crashing increases with every alcoholic drink you consume.
2. “I only had a couple drinks.” Each drink you consume adds to your blood alcohol level of impairment. The “just a couple” theory can blur your perception of what is really the actual number of drinks you’ve consumed throughout the night. Don’t get caught up in the fun of a celebration – if you’ve been drinking, make the smart choice and have a designated driver drive you home safely.
3. “My friends are drunk I am driving them home… I’ve had less than all of them.” Choosing the least drunk person to be the designated driver is not a safe way to get friends and family home, and it’s a decision that could end in tragedy. Start the night with a plan to get home safely – choose a designated driver service before you go out, or use transit, a taxi, a place to stay overnight, or a friend/family member you can call for a ride.
4. “I am driving only two blocks away.” Impaired driving is dangerous and illegal whether you are traveling a block or 30 kilometres. CounterAttack roadchecks are everywhere – so no matter how close to home you may be, think twice about getting behind the wheel, you could get caught up at a road check or stopped by a peace officer.
5. “Im not drunk…I’m the designated driver!” Taking your turn to be the designated driver is a commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you offer to be the designated driver before you head out to celebrate stay committed to your responsibility– remember that a true designated driver is the person who decides not to drink so they can drive others home safely.

With tough drunk-driving laws, the B.C. government says that alcohol-related motor vehicle deaths have decreased by 52 per cent since the Immediate Roadside Prohibition regulations were passed in 2010. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” is proud to be up in running throughout the lower mainland. We will continue to offer our service with the launch or Uber and Lyft in Vancouver. We are doing our best to support ride share programs throughout the province because they too prevent drunk drivers from being on the road.

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