Transportation regulations for Designated Driver Service should be regulated in a tangible way so that the core benefit of the service is to get from A to B in one’s own vehicle. Sober Girls Designated Drivers is not for a mandatory class 4 as taxi drivers because it’s a personal vehicle being driven and it simply would not put enough drivers on the road and is really unnecessary for our service with that being said there are some serious necessary regulations that need to be imposed as explained below. Sorry for another run on sentence.

Designated Driver Services in British Columbia shall provide upon request to the appropriate authority all their driver’s criminal records checks which must be done annually and their driver’s abstracts which must be clean and clear of any impaired or mobile device infractions.
DD Service must make it known to consumers what their screening process is for drivers and if they are “Board Certified” …..let’s call it this for the sake of this blog.

Board Certified Designated Drivers will have clear pricing structure and should be capped at an “industry standard rate”.
Board Certified Designated Drivers will only supply A to B services for the soul purpose of providing true designated driving services and therefore may NOT:

1. Charge for stops
2. Charge for WAIT TIME

Why? Because being a designated driver is not for the soul purpose of picking up McDonald’s or stopping for more booze for their DD users therefore a company shall not be legally allowed to add those additional charges.

Another thing that Board Certified Designated Drivers should NOT do is charge customers a cancellation fee and membership fee. Why? Because the tariff called a Dispatch fee or driver request fee which is not only nonrefundable but also covers them (which should also be capped) in this scenario we are blogging. A membership fee would be a violation of the consumer protection act and currently is because the service does not supply a service which would imply a need for a membership.

Sober Girls Designated Drivers wants to see some pliable standards in our industry and this is why we write valid posts instead of focusing on subjects which don’t contribute to the industry such as customer service complaints or who does or does not wear uniforms; which are issues that will NOT help grow our industry. WE DON’T NEED THE SMOKE AND MIRRORS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC has a history of calling people out on their bullshit for lack of better words however it is only because we are trying to build up an industry which in the last decade has lost consumer trust mainly because of all the added fee’s and unclear services and unscreened drivers. Sober Girls Designated Drivers image is Bold and Edgy and we are here to make an impact in the communities we service.

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