Uber or Lyft in Vancouver is not likely to finish taxi/kater taxi or designated driver companies off and it won’t be the end to either business. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this big debate because it all boils down to oppressing British Columbians choice and freedom to move (freedom of movement). Yes we are curious where is the choice in making class 4 taxi drivers/ Kater Taxi mandatory to drive regular transportation vehicles such as cars, trucks and vans? Sure some will say it’s not safe without criminal records checks and we agree they are needed however how many people out there actually engage in ax murdering because they do not have a class 4 that’s where we don’t get this oppression? This is direct disregard for British Columbians freedom of movement it’s our body, our vehicle and our choice which way and how we want to move either by person or vehicle. Sure we have blatantly advertised that a certain race currently holds dominance in the driving industry and in abundance in British Columbia alone. It is far from racist to point out the very obvious and most people can clearly see the powers that be are out to divide and concur and unless we all pull together there will be anarchy over this sensitive issue. Anarchy? Yes because it will drive the Uber/Lyft type services completely underground for three reasons.
1. A taxi is almost impossible to get during peak times.
2. Designated Driver Services are impossible to get during peak times without prebooking.
3. Both a taxi and designated drivers do not have the same reliability as Uber/Lyft at peak times.
We are a Designated Driver Service and of course we support the services we offer however it does not mean that Uber or Lyft do not have a great service to offer which will also open up the job market for those needing to make a few bucks. As a company we know not all taxi drivers are bad and that a taxi / kater taxi is a great thing to have to and from the airport and to quickly wave down however it should not be the only option for British Columbians. Why BC so consumed by neurotic ideals? Let the neurotic paranoid people take a taxi / kater taxi and the rest can live on the edge and use Uber or Lyft. If I think in my mind a class 4 is more special than every other class 5 driver in the road driving passenger vehicles than I can pay the taxi/kater taxi price and taxi/kater taxi wait times but if I do not give a flying pig about the class 4 I should have the rights to take Uber or Lyft. In fact if I think a Designated Driver Service is going to fit my needs I should also have that choice it my car my body and my choice. We do not feel the taxi industry will cease to exist when Uber or Lyft comes to BC and I do not think Designated Driver Services have affected the choices of those who wish to take a taxi either. The taxi/ kater taxi drivers need to stop bellyaching and grow up and like adults step up their game and change the way they do business to be able to compete. We do not believe that the federal government will back the BC government on stipulating a class 4 requirement however dumber things do happen in BC. How many politicians’ pockets are being greased by the taxi/kater cartel? It’s time to change the way we think and the way we vote and send some in charge packing. We clearly can compare this to the legalization of marijuana no one wanted that to happen but now that it has all we see is economic growth for everyone and not just a certain race. They want Canada to be a place for everyone than that should include every province. We don’t need class 4 requirements we need an insurance option for our vehicles and driving licenses and ICBC is far likely to make way more money off individual insurance products for class 5 Uber and Lyft drivers and Designated Drivers opposed to the class 4 requirements on taxi drivers/ kater taxi drivers which is in fact a different service all together. Let’s stop putting so much emphasis on what business owner has what education and who came from where and stick to the facts because where the facts are is where there is knowledge and Sober Girls Designated Drivers has the knowledge as industry leaders in Designated Driver Services and we will not be silenced. You don’t know who we are!!

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