Uber Vancouver may not be a saving grace for many reasons mainly the core issues they have had are with safety concerns. How are the Uber vehicles safety inspected and how often are they going to be inspected by the transportation authority? How will Uber drivers be insured? What exactly is the liability needed? How will the driver’s backgrounds be checked for driving infractions and criminal offences? How long should a person have a driver’s license before transporting people? Taxi drivers complained the change would devalue their licenses, some of which are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The province hired an industry expert to consult on the best way to help prepare the taxi industry for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft especially with the development of an APP. The NDP made promises to bring in ride-hailing this year, but legislation is now not expected until next fall. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” have been in support of both side the Taxi companies and Uber because both have pros and cons. A Taxi has better insurance and the drivers do hold a class 4 driver’s license and all their vehicles are inspected regularly; however Uber makes it is way easier for people to commute. We feel the main problem is with licensing and it would be a lot more pliable if class 5 drivers can do ride hailing because more of the population has a class 5 than a class 4 but the insurance and safety remains an issue. Insurance is an issue for any industry that hires a fleet. Some “Designated Driver” Services are using fleet vehicles which they have follow drivers drive. Fleet vehicles are groups of motor vehicles owned, leased or for hire by a business, government agency and any other organization rather than by an individual or family. When a “Designated Driver” Service puts a magnet sign on a vehicle in the eyes of the law that vehicle becomes a fleet vehicle. At “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we do not hire follow/chase vehicles and we are only in the business of hiring customer drivers. Do “Designated Drivers” have issues with customer vehicles? Absolutely we have had issues come up during pre-checks such as broken turn signals and even soft breaks on the newest of vehicles and we have had to deny our services for these reasons. With Uber the App has terms of use and at “Sober Girls Designated Drivers” our website applications have terms of use. Our point being is safety is always a concern and at the end of the day we want to make sure we are covered to drive you in your vehicle. Our government has to have higher expectations for Uber because they are hiring what is considered to be a fleet. The rules for Taxi companies and Uber need to be equal within the industry. Uber claims not to be a taxi service but a referral service however “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC’s” opinion is just as quoted by Martin Luther King Jr “We may come in on different ships, but were in the same boat now” this is the best comparison we have made thus far between a Taxi service and the Uber service. Don’t try to convince the public that Uber is not a Taxi it is absolutely in the same boat as a Taxi. We are standing by the Taxi companies on their opinion that Uber is a Taxi service and a Taxi is traditional means for transportation so the playing field needs to be equal. If the rules are the same with Uber as they are with a Taxi than there is no saving grace with Uber. At the end of the day people are trying to survive and British Columbia is a hard place and it’s even harder when you consider the attitude of people which can be extremely oppressive in nature. There needs to be the same standard in every business and the government needs to have the same regulations for everyone who operates. In the past the Designated Driver industry hasd no standards so Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC took it upon ourselves to become the industry standard. Our business model is how the industry should be because customers need to have terms of service and they should be in a state of mind where they can enter an agreement to hand over their vehicle keys hence why we only take booking through our booking form. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC is leading the “Designated Driver” industry into a more safer, secure and tangible service which the industry had proven not to be until we came along. We can appreciate that Uber has the right to freedom of expression as we are sure they can appreciate our right to freedom of expression; however we just want to stress our opinion of equality within any government regulated industry. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” is not trying to take business away from Taxi companies or Uber like some other drive your vehicle home service that have built an APP that makes customers have the same drop off address as the pick-up. We are offering one way “Designated Driver” services to get a person’s vehicle home with them in it. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC do allow one stop before the final destination as a courtesy and we do have our custom fit services for multiple stops however it is not encouraged for “Designated Driver riders. We hope that common ground can be found between Taxi companies and Uber however we feel there is a long road ahead in British Columbia to make that happen and also across Canada Uber has ran into quite a few problems. Designate Drivers is a safe option for consumers and as long as Taxi Companies and Uber drivers keep locking horns in Canada it will deter people from wanting to use either services. In Toronto to date the ride sharing market is already over saturated however Uber seems to be dominating that market and we cannot lie and say that is not to be admired. Uber however said Tuesday November 22, 2017 that APP hackers compromised personal data from some 57 million riders and drivers in an APP breach which Uber kept hidden for a year. We have been going on about APPs and how they can be decompiled and hacked pretty easily and this is why we chose to not do any payment transactions online or in any sort of APP. In the past APPs have been really good for gaming but with tech companies trying to push the envelope security can be very hard to maintain. If you take 57 million riders and you are a hacker and you breach security and get $1 from every credit card on that is extremely lucrative. We are just laying out the fact of the matter because we are the leader in “Designated Driver” services and we feel obligated to touch on the subject of Uber and Taxi companies and we are interested in seeing how Uber will execute their service in Vancouver BC.

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