A PRANK, PRANK,  AND ANOTHER PRANK! It would not be a typical Friday night at Sober Girls Designated Drivers without a pirate calling to prank us. People that work for other companies think pranking will close us down one girl dispatcher from RADD DESIGNATED DRIVERS  got caught RED HANDED her names Caitlyn and she pranked us and  forgot to block her phone number just after she posted on  RADD facebook page that she was dispatching. That is only an example of one prank out of over 300 that the police have on file  however our procedure is so good that even when they call us prepaid or magicjack we can trace it to being that and  so they are getting caught in the pranks almost every time . Any business owner who condones a poor attitude/ lack or morals and lack of integrity really should not be in business. Out of all the pranks and destruction of our property (ei) business cards being trashed we are still a strong operation because Sober Girls Designated Drivers’ do not engage in childish behavior such as destruction of property  and prank calling. Sober Girls Designated Drivers  are required to talk to managers at licensed establishments and let them know that Sober Girls are not slandering RADD and we show them we have documented proof filed with RCMP and RADD is under investigation for harassment with the RCMP in his own home base of  Port Moody. Its been the choice of most business owners not to have RADD Designated Drivers business cards because most businesses do not want to be attached or related to a company that engages in criminal harassment. Another thing RADD does is buy a ton of prepaid phones and makes pirate companies up prints out business cards with other names saferides.ca being one of them. This RADD guy is relentless going as far as using his minor child whom he does not have custody of (for a good reason I assume) in all his Designated Driver adds and on his website keep in mind this is for a OVER 19 INDUSTRY.  I know and understand that  RADD dealing with his prank calling staff must be like running a daycare but really exploiting your child for a DD Service now that is just too sad for the child. I think this RADD guy feels him and his staff are the only Designated Driving company however they are proving themselves to be only second rate pirated  companies in the lower mainland and is trying to hide as another DD service . The police said his company must be failing because his staff has all this time to prank the Sober Girls Designated Drivers’. I know for a fact other Designated Driver Companies in Vancouver are owned  by those who have children; I don’t see any of them exploiting their children on their website and business cards. I was told the RADD  guy  said to  social workers that people want to see  RADD LAD grow up but thats not true because society just wants a designated driver not photos of your child. Normal people really don’t care to look at photos of  your kids when they are drinking and  they really just want a ride home because they are drunk. This RADD guy has time to harass the Sober Girls instead of rethinking his own sad business model;  he is not selling kids clothes or a daycare and he should pursue that because its obvious the Designated Driving industry is not the right industry for RADD guy and its definitely not the industry for his little LAD.




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  1. I agree the dispatch girl is no good the company RADD a joke accidently texting the wrong person calling the customer ‘ dumb as faaack’ he definitely doesn’t respect anyone or his own company. Stealing from customers vehicles AND accepting drugs as a forum of payment! ! ya right!! that company is a joke.

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