Vancouver’s first ever ride-hailing app will launch next week. Really? Katers 140 licenses have been issued by the Vancouver Taxi Association but they are not a Taxi? How stupid do these liars think people are? This taxi monopoly has been going on for decades and operationally Kater is absolutely no different than a Taxi. Sober Girls Designated Drivers have made the management decision not to follow any of the passenger transportation acts we simply do not care and will not comply. Sober Girls Designated Drivers will provide access to our drivers clean criminal records checks and drivers abstracts to the passenger transportation board only upon legal request, but will not adhere to the class 4 requirement and all class 5 drivers who qualify can operate on our platform for the opportunity to make 80% of the fare plus 100% tips as we always have. We do not charge by time and consumers can enjoy the option of one way trips, they can carpool and split the tips and fare if they like. Kater says there is no surge pricing but that is really just irrelevant if there is no Uber/Lyft competition and this is why Sober Girls Designated Drivers CEO Brandy Parlett is willing to challenge the transportation board and the Vancouver Taxi Association. “Sometimes in life you have to take a stand and we are more than willing to handle whatever consequences because our core value of us being a transportation solution depends on it.” –Brandy Parlett. In their recent article written by their friends at Daily Hive Vancouver they claim people who see the truth are critics but guess what we say to that? “If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck than it’s a duck. So simply they are a taxi a company called Kater Taxi who have a taxi app which has already been done nationally by other Taxi Associations anyway. We hate to break it to Kater but they are not the pioneers of ground transportation and they certainly are nothing special for redeveloping a Taxi App. Whoopee Doo Doo than in the recent Daily Hive Article Kater claims “this opportunity was available to whoever wanted to be a part of the Vancouver market” We call bullshit because it’s no Uber and the requirements only fit the Taxi Association’s needs. It’s all good Sober Girls Designated Drivers will come to the rescue along with all the other hard working DD services around the province. The monopoly and sense of entitlement these Taxi Cartel members have is making BC sick and tired and so why shouldn’t Vancouverites try something unconventional like a designated driver service? Sober Girls Designated Drivers have done all the research on insurances products through ICBC and it is fact that a customer’s vehicle insurance is sufficient for our drivers to drive the customer’s vehicles from A to B and this is why we do not partake in extra stops for our clientele. Our developer is only one man and a man with a natural talent on computers when our developer at Peak SEO owner Allaby was a child he drowned at 3 years old a few years later diagnosed with Asperger’s which is a form of autism and his parents were told by doctors he would remain mute and suffer mental retardation (it was the 1980s when doctors still used that word) but he broke those barriers and is very smart and talented. Moral of the story is at Sober Girls Designated Drivers we believe in people helping people we believe in breaking the barriers and we are built on this core value we believe in our people. Sober Girls Designated Drivers have a team of dedicated women and we also value every man who has given us the support to be the best that we can be. We feel a community is based on acceptance and tolerance of differences and we feel it’s pretty obvious Katers values are based on ignorance and monopoly. Kater Taxi and the Taxis cartel just can’t accept the differences between them and Uber and they think that taking advantage of the people in our communities is simply ok as long as they can maintain their greed.

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