I wish every person on the earth could learn to have patients. I think many people have a hard time waiting for their designated driver in Vancouver. I remember waiting for my designated driver the night I was out having an enjoyable day off. I called Sober Girls Designated Drivers’ it was an off peak day a Monday as I can recall. I get a flat rate and discounted rides as industry staff so I took advantage of this. I had my industry friend who is bar staff order a driver at about 10:30pm to the location which I the owner  of Sober Girls was  at downtown Vancouver. As the owner of Sober Girls I wanted to go undercover as a boss and see how well my team was operating. At around 11:00pm my friend who works at the bar told me Sober Girls had called and said they will arrive in about 5 minutes. I feel like the wait time was good I waited about 35 minutes and I was all the way downtown Vancouver. The Drivers were in shock to see me being the person being picked up. I think Sober Girls Designated Drivers are the best.images (7)

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