Pre Planning a Safe Ride.

We want to talk about planning ahead for a safe ride home in advanced. We believe if you are out drinking with your vehicle you should probably decide when you want to leave before you have that second drink. Why would anyone in their right mind be out drinking with their vehicle and not want […]

Roadblocks increase as the holiday season approaches.

With the holiday season approaching a police presence on BC highways is on the rise and our drivers have been noticing it during work hours. Our drivers have reported several pop up sobriety checks coming up at odd hours such as 5am and even 9am on Sunday mornings. Upon asking officers why they would have […]

Uber Vancouver will it be a saving grace?

Uber Vancouver may not be a saving grace for many reasons mainly the core issues they have had are with safety concerns. How are the Uber vehicles safety inspected and how often are they going to be inspected by the transportation authority? How will Uber drivers be insured? What exactly is the liability needed? How […]

getting over intoxicated? A “Designated Driver” is the least of your concerns

Over intoxication is not only dangerous but can have life time effects on individuals, and their families. Alcoholism is the leading cause of family break downs and health concerns. Dont become a prisoner of alcohol and know your limit. If you are out with friends and you feel they are getting over intoxicated a “Designated […]

No Holiday Price inflation for Sober Girls Designated Drivers

If you are a regular user of ‘designated drivers” you may use the “safe ride” and pay almost the same amount every time but do not expect an industry standard in pricing this time of year. Some “Sober Drivers” are trying to cash in big time with prices so high you may just consider hiring […]

Christmas Parties are getting scheduled plan a safer way home BC

It’s that time of year to start planning “a safer way home” BC and that may be having a friend or family member be a designated driver, leaving your vehicle at home, public transport a taxi or even a paid “safer way home” services like ours. We encourage everyone to pre-plan before drinking because it […]

Media Blackout on the term Designated Drivers.

We want to post this in regards to the media blackout of the term “Designated Driver” because we think it’s important for the public to understand that the media does not want them to know the key words designated drivers, safe ride, and sober drivers or drive my car home. The media has been pouting […]

City of Surrey crooked and dishonest about Designated Driver Services.

On October 23, 2017 at approximately 1:20pm we called the city of Surrey about having a booth at the tree lighting festival. That phone call is recorded and we have reviewed the recording where the representative for the city of Surrey clearly states “it’s a conflict of interest”. We were told by city staff that […]