Request A Safe Ride Home

Requesting your designated driver online makes getting YOU and YOUR VEHICLE home safely EASY and CONVENIENT. When you book your ride online a Sober Girls Designated Driver will contact you at the specified phone number to confirm your request for a safe ride home as well as to process any required deposits on your ride. If you are going out and you know you will be consuming alcohol, request your Designated Driver in advance and have a Designated Driver waiting for you who will get YOU and YOUR VEHICLE home safely.


NOTE: When using a mobile device, it is easier to view this form properly if you turn your device sideways and view it as a widescreen.




How our Designated Driver service works:

  1. Complete the online Designated Driver Request form atleast 1 hour in advance. Remember, if you are requesting a time after midnight then pay attention to the date... after midnight is a new day.
  2. A designated driver or ride coordinator will contact you to confirm your ride and process the dispatch fee.
  3. A Designated Driver will meet you at your vehicle to drive you to your destination. The driver will call you at the phone number you provided, when they arrive.
  4. Pay for the remaining total of the service at the end of the ride by cash or credit card.

Tips For Booking Your Designated Driver:

  • Try to book your ride at least 2 hours in advance to help guarantee your pickup time. Otherwise, on-call service is based on availability.
  • Pay attention to your phone. The dispatcher may need to contact you regarding your service request.
  • Your driver will contact you when they are approaching your pickup location.
  • If you need to change your pickup time, once your booking is confirmed, it is based on availability.
  • All passengers must be able to fit safely in your own vehicle. We do not have vehicles for carrying passengers.
  • Please park in a place where you feel safe and meet your driver at your vehicle.