Sober Girls Ride Cost Estimator - v2.0

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Designated Driver Rates – Quick Reference Table

Sober Girls Designated Drivers can drive your home in your own vehicle to most area betwen North Vancouver and Chilliwack, BC. Below is a quick reference table showing general designated driver rates at a glance. This rate table shows an approximate cost of a designated driver service between cities. The rates in the table are only a general estimate. If you would like a more accurate estimate of how much your designated driver will cost then please enter the exact addresses in the ride cost estimator above.

FROMTOEstimated Cost (incl. dispatch fee)
Vancouver, BCBurnaby, BC $53.--
Vancouver, BCNew Westminster, BC$82.--
Vancouver, BCSurrey, BC$125.--
Vancouver, BCLangley, BC$134.--
Vancouver, BCAbbotsford, BC$190.--
Vancouver, BCChilliwack, BC$264.--

How We Calculate Designated Driver Rates

At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we believe in providing fair DD rates for our valued customers. We do not believe in charging hidden fees and we want you to understand exactly what you are paying for.

At Sober Girls Designated Drivers there are two fees you are paying. The first fee is what we call the "Vehicle Dispatch Fee" this is the cost of dispatching a designated driver to meet you at your vehicle. The second fee is the per-kilometre rate that you pay at the end of your ride. Currently our standard vehicle dispatch fee is $22 payable by credit upon the time of booking and then, at the end of your ride, you pay $2.25 for each kilometre travelled. At the end of the ride the Kilometre rate can be paid with either cash or credit but the vehicle dispatch fee must be paid with a credit card upon confirming the booking.

At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we do not charge a cancellation fee. If you do not follow through with the service the vehicle dispatch fee covers the administration costs as well as the driver's expenses.

Rates for Wait Time and Re-dispatching of “No Shows”

Fee for Stops:
Our Designated Drivers Services is meant to be a life-line service to get you and your vehicle safely from point A to B. We do not encourage multiple stops. We will allow one stop, along the route to your destination, for no longer than five minutes at no charge. You must tell the dispatcher that you need a stop at the time of booking or the stop may not be permitted. Our goal is to get as many people home safely as possible and it is not fair to keep the next person waiting.

Fee for Wait Time:
If you are not ready to go when your Designated Driver arrives they will wait for 10 minutes past the agreed upon pickup time. It will be at the Driver's Discretion whether or not they have time to wait longer. There is no fee for the initial 10 minute wait. If the driver can't wait any longer than 10 minutes and you still want the ride, but still are not ready to go, then you may have to request another driver and pay another vehicle dispatch fee.

Everyone Must Fit in YOUR Vehicle. No Amount of $$$ Changes This.

As a Designated Driver Service we do not have vehicles for transporting passengers. We only hire customer drivers. Customer drivers provide their own means of transportation to get to where you are and also to get back to where they came from. It is illegal for anyone to transport passengers in their own vehicle for commercial purposes without appropriate licensing and insurance. We can only transport as many passengers as can be safely seat belted into your own vehicle. Please do not offer your Designated Driver extra money to transport passengers in their vehicle. We do not want anyone feeling pressured to break the law!